Adventures round TWO

Friends and family, breath a deep sigh of relief:
After a brief (5 month) hiatus from the world of blogging, I'm back. Ohhh and am I back allright. As the previous post states, I have recently sent in my mission papers to serve a mission and after waiting three and half weeks for the call, I have it. Because I love stories, let me tell yo how this one went...

At my Stake President's meeting where I submitted my papers (a mission application of sorts, for those of you who don't get the lingo), my Stake President told me to expect my call in about a week to ten days. They usually come to Provo on Wednesdays or Thursdays, depending on how fast they get to the post office from salt lake. This was a Sunday. At the one week mark, my Bishop comes up to me at church exclaiming, "I checked your account online and it says you call has been assigned. You're for sure going to get it this week." They do all the mission papers online now by the way. It's a bit strange but it supposedly speeds up the call process so its quite convenient. Wednesday rolls around... nothing. Thursday... nothing. Okay, maybe next week. It's Sunday again and I'm speaking in church. My bishop was so sure that I'd have my call that I got a farewell assignment of sorts. Oops. So he says to me "I checked online again and it says that the call has been sent, so it will for sure come this week." Okay Bishop Nyman, if you say so. Wednesday and Thursday again and nothing. Now me and Nyman are in a fight.

So another week has come and gone and I'm anxious as all get out. Tuesday comes and I realize at work that I left my book at home. I don't usually go home on Thursdays because I've only got an hour or so break from 9:30am until 8 at night and its just easier to stay. But I need my book so I call Noah and have him meet me for lunch at my house. I no sooner get to my house than I realize that I left my key inside and due to Danniey's fixation with locked doors, all house doors are locked. Not only that, the front window which is usually used for breaking in is also locked. I pound on the door hoping someone is sleeping, peek through the kitchen window and gasp! There's my call, sitting on the front table. Freakin. You've got to be kidding me. Now I'm really freaking out. I'm pacing around trying to figure out how to get in. Frantic. I pull up the garbage can to the front window thinking I could maybe jimmy something. No luck. The girl in the adjoining part of the duplex comes out to see if she what' s the ruckus. Finally (finally!) Noah gets there and he gives me a boost to the back window- more than half the size of a normal window and just barely wider than me on all sides. It's open thank goodness and I slide through head first, sort of aiming for my bed. The curtains come down with me. But I'm in. I run to unlock the door, open the envelope that's been taunting me from the table.

"Sister Knudson, You have been called to serve as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints. You have been called to serve in the Bangkok, Thailand mission. The period of your service will be 18 months. You will report to the Missionary Training Center on June 7, 2006."

HOLY CRAP. HO-LEE CRAP. I'm going to Asia... on a mission... June 7th. Holy crap.

"Thailand" I say. "Holy crap."

Then start the phone calls. My mom burst into tears ("How many shots do you have to get" she cries... I've already got them all already!) Every member of my family finished the congratulations with a "well, I'm gonna have to come over there and pick you up when you're done."

I make it to Astronomy by 4 somehow and sit down. I'm giddy. I lean over to this kid next to me. Guess what? "hmm?" I got my mission call today. "cool, where are you going?" Thailand. Isn't that awesome. "Yeah, I got mine last week, I'm going to Argentina."

More later....