3 things my baby has fallen off of

1. My legs
2. His changing table
3. The bed



3 things I don't love about my baby right now.

Who said it was all roses, right?

Actually no one. Quite the opposite, everyone loves telling expecting mom how miserable it will all be. I won't go as far as misery, but here are, at 5 months old, some things I'm not crazy about:

1. Claws
Baby nails grow so fast! And crooked! And sharp! And they are hard to cut! Porter is on fingernail duty (and quite adept at it), so I've actually only done it a few times, but it's hard too! He scratches my face, he scratches his face, it's obnoxious!

2. Spit-up
I was sure we had dodged the spit-up bullet when after about 2 months I had only seen a few dribbles. Boy was I wrong. So much spit up. Copious amounts of half-digested milk. Sometimes coming up with a burp, sometimes a surprise attack. Usually with a guilty grin after, but always disgusting.

3. Squawking
I'm really not sure of the etiquette here. I can tend to a crying baby in public, but what do I do with a squawker? When it's so loud you can't keep conversation going? I don't mind the sound itself, necessarily as I mind the uncertainty of whether or not it's OK for the squawking to be disrupting whatever social setting I may be in, or how best to handle it. He's such a cute little bird, I'm loathe to stop him, but sometimes it really is inappropriate!