Mushy gushy

You gonna write about me?
I generally tend to shy away from public proclamations of mushy gushy love. There's nothing inherently wrong with them, though I grimace and roll my eyes more often than I would probably admit when I see it, hear it, or read it. I love that people are in love, and I even love knowing that they're in love. I should have no aversion to letting the world know that a significant other is freaking amazing.

So, without further ado,

My husband is freaking amazing.

He holds me together when I don't even know I'm falling apart. He makes me think and question and believe and care about things. And he's nice. And good. And a total badass.

Bad-ass, what?
I love him. So much. With one of those deep in your bones emotions I didn't, honestly, know that I even had.

I can't keep my hands off him.
I'll kiss him on the beach
On a bus
In the woods
In the mountains on the other side of the world
Everywhere I can. Every day.
Cuz he's the cutest.
Every day 'til forever


3 Things: I Love About Craigslist

I am a Craigslist junkie.

A fiend.


Well, in a healthy way (I think). I'm on Craigslist way more often than Pinterest (or maybe even Facebook some days) and here's why:

1. Window-shopping isn't a new pastime. Problem is, unless you're in one of those mish-mash stores that sell a little of everything (you know, Goodwill, TJ Maxx, most dollar stores. [All three are also favorites of mine]) most stores have just too much of one thing. Too many good choices to choose between sometimes (I'm looking at you, J. Crew), others too much garbage that it's a waste of time. Craigslist has a little bit of everything. Literally. Sometimes I browse the talent ads where people offer services as tea party specialists, or are selling a one of a kind engine from some specific WW2 bomber plane. What kind of jobs, or houses, or amazing pieces of furniture are out there for someday. It's people watching 21st century style.

2. Fun, (often otherwise expensive) unique things. Relatively cheap. Furniture, I believe, has a worse resale value than vehicles. I have a tendency to pick an item I want to buy and search it compulsively until I find the perfect one I want. Like this bench I bought a couple weeks ago. I've got a thing for benches, comfort be damned, and NEVER would have searched physical or online store for an antique birthing bench. But how amazing is this? I can hook my knees on one end and sit for hours. Eat your heart out, Pier One, Ikea, and LaZBoy. If you're not in a hurry, Craigslist can blow your mind and your living room. Plus, I found my job on Craigslist (in a less passive search, admittedly), and I never would have thought to look for Food Resources Developer, so basically I should be thanking Craig for my rewarding job.

3. I can get rid of my shiz and make money. If that's not a double whammy of Craigslist goodness, I don't know what is. When I moved back home before I got a job I made like $500 selling things I found in my parents garage. I promise, I was doing them a favor. More space, less clutter, full pockets o' cash. It's a beauty!

Now, I know there's an ugly dark side of my beloved CL, but it's not in my face so I don't ever think about it. Craigslist is there just for what I need it to be: good fun and great deals.