Orange you glad this is lactose free?

I've always been a little hesitant to make fruit smoothies, I don't know why, mine always end up wrong. But I've perfected just one and it is scrumptious! Not too sweet, not too tangy. And so easy. I'm still working on getting the ice to end up the right size.

Kami's Vanilla Soy Milk Orange Julius

1 cup vanilla soy milk

6 0z (1/2 can) orange juice concentrate (Mine is Western Family Brand)

1 cup cold water

8-10 ice cubes

Blend all the junk, then dump in ice. Delicious!

Today I also added about 5 peach slices that Kelsie had canned for me. MM yum, this has got to beat the cold that's coming to get me!


Pre- semester Sea-town

Just days after Raelle's wedding, Doug and I drove up my parents' car back up to Seattle. (They had been living here in Utah forthe summer an were headed back to Seattle for the cold season. We hit so many birds with one stone I can't even count my bounty. Some highlights:

Hanging out with my one true love, Kendall when she also happened to be in Seattle for the week. Maybe the last time I see before she heads down south for Navigator training (she's gonna be an Air Force All Star). After we hung out at Gasworks Park we got Ivars. Yummy.

And we saw the Troll Under the Bridge (that's me on his shoulder) - Made by a bunch of Fremont hippies in the 70's. I love him.

We went up with my parents to Victoria B.C. This is at Buchart Gardens, a phenomenal (if not pricey) display of late summer foliage. It was literally breathtaking the whole time we were there

An early morning ferry ride to Port Angeles.

My kind of weather/skyline.

Snoqualmie Falls is more beautiful than I even remembered.

(I know, I know I used to boycott both ferries and Snoqualmie Falls. But I'm a visitor now, I'm allowed to enjoy them!)

The best part of the extended stay was the wedding. Gabe, one my very best friends from high school married his girlfriend of almost 3 years. They are booh devoutly Christian and the Spirit was so strong in their ceremony, I know that God is pleased with their marriage. I totally cried. They're just perfect for each other. The venue was up North of Seattle and had a little pond with a rowboat (my favorite), a putting green, croquet and a well-used dance floor (yes, we did boogie down to YMCA). Kelsey, the beautiful bride, thanked everyone for coming and said "I've been praying for this weather since we got engaged!" It had been raining all week (see above picture) but the weather was indeed surprisingly ideal.

Raelle and Matt's wedding

(Sister) Raelle Greer, one of my funnest (most fun?) companions and (Elder) Matt Cunningham, my most non-annoyingly responsible District Leader didn't know each other at all in Thailand but met, courted and got married this year. I'm pretty sure the first time they met I semi-introduced them. So I'll take credit for yet another match made in heaven.

So I guess this is basically old news by now (two months old) but its 2:16 am and I can't sleep. So, what better to do than update my blog. Here's my favorite pictures from the Cunningham's wedding in August (some of them I stole from Sister Greer's facebook album)

Matt's house is on the hill above Provo so the reception had a sweet view. Oh, and don't they look pretty together!

I loved the colors, black white and hot pink- especially the black suits and hot pink ties on the groomsmen. What a bunch of stud muffins.

Just in case you didn't know, the Manti temple is absolutely stunning. Inside and out it is olde-style beautiful (that e on the end of old is on purpose). I want to see more of it. My second favorite thing about the Manti temple is that it is the the main focus of the town, and located next to the other two most important places in Manti- the cemetary and the rodeo grounds. All within walking distance. yay!

Three hot babes, waiting for the happy couple

4 hot babes striking a pose.


Celebrity look-a-like

MyHeritage is a website that lets you upload a photo of yourself and it matches you with your celebrity twin. Some are pretty close. Some are a little more far fetched [umm Paul Hindesmith??]

I just spent almost an hour messing with pictures of me and celebrities. I swear half of them I apparently match with an Asian. I guess it's in my blood.

My favorite: Eva Longoria

MyHeritage: Family trees - Genealogy - Celebrities

Kate Winslet came up a lot. Other highlights: Hilary Clinton

Give it a try and let me know who you are!