Orange you glad this is lactose free?

I've always been a little hesitant to make fruit smoothies, I don't know why, mine always end up wrong. But I've perfected just one and it is scrumptious! Not too sweet, not too tangy. And so easy. I'm still working on getting the ice to end up the right size.

Kami's Vanilla Soy Milk Orange Julius

1 cup vanilla soy milk

6 0z (1/2 can) orange juice concentrate (Mine is Western Family Brand)

1 cup cold water

8-10 ice cubes

Blend all the junk, then dump in ice. Delicious!

Today I also added about 5 peach slices that Kelsie had canned for me. MM yum, this has got to beat the cold that's coming to get me!


Tom and Heather said...

Kami! I got your comment...consider your words marked.

Haley said...

hey kami, I just got your comment. sorry!!!!

brandons email is brandon.sorensen@bd-bgi.com

hopefully he can help you out!!!

thanks for checking in. I check out your blog often but I really wasn't sure if you remembered us!!!
hope your doing well. tell you mom hello for me!!!

www.potsandpins.com said...

Okay you nut job! I come to your blog, scroll down past all the music stuff and find a picture of two girls and I read the "one true love part" and I think, Oh...a lesbian blog!? Of course, that got me even MORE interested...and I'm scrolling down and reading along and I see the picture from Butchart and I think, how wonderful and then I look closer - you know I can't see a blasted thing anymore - and finally I recognize YOU!! So, I take it you meant "one true love" as in your best friend and not your best lesbian friend or do you have news to announce? Love your blog - thanks for checking mine - and I love you, but in that mother/friend/love kind of thing that has nothing to do with lesbians.