Senioritis may not pass the Blogger spell-check but it has it's very own Wikipedia report so it must be real. Even without such a flawless resource backing up the disease's reality, I can bear testimony that it is real, because I am experiencing it as we speak. I have an exam tomorrow morning for which I am wholly unprepared and I cannot seem to talk myself into any sort of mood or panic to study for it, so instead I'm blogging. When I'm not blogging, I'm watching old Grey's episodes and my brain is turning to mush (really, I think I am getting stupider). I sometimes also spend hours on the internet looking at plane tickets, designer dresses, the history of Burma, the history of suspenders (actual Google search today), or, when all else fails, any one of my 600+ friends' profiles on Facebook. And their friends. And cute boys I may be stalking... on behalf of my friends.

According to Wikipedia, "The main symptoms of senioritis are the student is not doing homework, chronically procrastinating, losing motivation for doing well in school, grades dropping, or "coasting", which is going through classes with very little concentration or application of intent."

Case in point.

It doesn't help that my course-load this all-important final semester matches exactly that of most incoming Freshmen. I've taken mostly the Honors route, though, so I can't complain- at least they're smart, aggressive Freshmen. So here's the rundown:

Honors Biology 260: Wildlife and Ecology Management.
I've been thrice so far this semester. Once for syllabus day, once to give a presentation, and once tonight (I'm thinking of turning over a new leaf). Today I befriended a cute boy named... Eric? I don't remember now, but I think I'm going to write him on his mission. The professor is goofy in that loud, story-telling party guest kind of way, which isn't awful, but mostly I just do the crossword, or will do the crossword now that my leaf is officially turned.

Honors 201: Innovation and Ideal in Western Cities, Antiquity to 1500
I have a mini crush on my professor because he's got a witty, almost femme sense of humor that I like to think I get more than my teenage counterparts. In reality, most of my classmates have much more insight on how a city is both the impetus for and product of culture and innovation and I'm somewhat jealous.

Management Communications
Basically, how not to sounds like an idiot in an office setting. The first three weeks have been all grammar review and I catch myself mid-headdrop every week, but I've gone every time! I think this class will be very practical. As a bonus, my professor knows my cousins from Fallon, NV. Small world.

This last minute addition to my class schedule has been a wonderful escape. I'm way out of my league here, but I've always wanted to be better at drawing. My professor, Wulf von Barchsomething is eccentric as all getout but I've already learned a lot. It's fun to have some direction to my doodling. Perhaps one day some doodle of mine will merit framing.

Public Health prep
In preparation for my research work in Thailand. So far it has been the other three students giving reports on different topics in the region and me telling them if it's right or not. I'm sure the workload will increase as our travel time draws nigh. And that I'm excited for.

This is depressing. This is unlike me. It's like I have... a disease.


Addiction Recovery step #2

TV is bad for so many reasons. Sure there are plenty of arguments for educational TV, but let's be honest, when I watch TV it's not NOVA, the history channel or even the Food Network, it's Grey's Anatomy. The last week and a half I somehow got sucked into the black hole of seasons one and two (so good, I know). I was a closet Grey's fan for a good part of season five and I'm still pretty embarrassed to be coming out in the open with this. But I have to admit my addiction before I can recover. I inhaled every episode like a line of cocaine and went back for more making one too many late night marathons (with accompanying sluggish mornings at the MTC)

I binged on storylines laced with infidelity, sex and selfishness (no argument here); I overdosed on shots of all too often sunny Seattle skylines and overly idyllic Bainbridge Ferry runs (I'm homesick!); I indulged in sappy alternative music that was underground 3 or more years ago when these episodes first aired (long unearthed, but no less appealing). But now, after the whirlwind of prom and Denny dying and Burke in a hospital bed, I need a break. No more marathons til I can get productive again.



Get Up Offa That Thang (Shake til you feel better)

I've been promising Joni that I'd go visit her in St. George all summer, and I finally made good on my promise. I wasted and wore out the music that's been haunting my i-pod for the last year and half on the way down, loaded it up with new stuff and enjoyed George Winston and James Brown on my way up (hence the namesake of this post, my new favorite song). I texted far too liberally for how fast I was driving (and for the fact that it's against the law now [rightly so] to text and drive) but I'm just so good at texting without looking I couldn't help myself.

St. George was much more pleasant than expected. I've only ever stopped in for refills and bathroom breaks on the way to Las Vegas or California and now I'm realizing it's quite a shame. The temple is beautiful, the red rock is unmatched, and being with Joni was just so easy. I'm bummed she's moving so I have less excuse to get back. I did get some more practice helping her pack though. A mind for Tetris really has made me a box packing pro.

Oh, yeah, and great news: Beaver's slogan is "The Best Tasting Water in the US." Lucky Beaver. Payson's is "Your cure for Summer Blues." Hmm.


Actors who sing

Earlier this summer the often brilliant, sometimes a little to indie-weird, but always sexy in that brooding, long haired rocker, better in sunglasses kind of way Pete Yorn dreamed up an album of duets inspired by 1960s French rocker Serge Gainsbourg (less sexy, mostly because he's kind of a creep). Serge recorded an album with the much too beautiful for him Bridgette Bardot. It was loungy and a little too breathy for my taste. Pete's stab at the genre holds a nice throw-back to the 60's frenzy and I think I'd love it except for the fact that the super beauty Pete chose was Scarlett Johansson, who I hate (if you can name a movie where she's anything but obnoxious, please let me know).

Reminds me a lot of actress Zooey Deschanel's fresh sounding throwback collaboration with musician M. Ward She & Him (hers sounds more of a funky Doris Day to me). Both very retro. Both a little odd (in a good way). Both have lines that are suspiciously Beatles.

Got me thinking about other actresses who join up with singers. Off the top of my head I love Nicole Kidman with Robby Williams (Something Stupid) and Gwyneth Paltrow with Huey Lewis (Cruisin') and Babyface (Just My Imagination) from the movie Cruisin'. And I'm gonna have to think up some more. Any suggestions welcome!