Get Up Offa That Thang (Shake til you feel better)

I've been promising Joni that I'd go visit her in St. George all summer, and I finally made good on my promise. I wasted and wore out the music that's been haunting my i-pod for the last year and half on the way down, loaded it up with new stuff and enjoyed George Winston and James Brown on my way up (hence the namesake of this post, my new favorite song). I texted far too liberally for how fast I was driving (and for the fact that it's against the law now [rightly so] to text and drive) but I'm just so good at texting without looking I couldn't help myself.

St. George was much more pleasant than expected. I've only ever stopped in for refills and bathroom breaks on the way to Las Vegas or California and now I'm realizing it's quite a shame. The temple is beautiful, the red rock is unmatched, and being with Joni was just so easy. I'm bummed she's moving so I have less excuse to get back. I did get some more practice helping her pack though. A mind for Tetris really has made me a box packing pro.

Oh, yeah, and great news: Beaver's slogan is "The Best Tasting Water in the US." Lucky Beaver. Payson's is "Your cure for Summer Blues." Hmm.

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