Three Best Tumblrs

I made a note on my phone to remind myself to write this post and was auto-corrected at least five times on the word Tumblr. Tumblr is not a word most places. I finally gave up, realizing that the misspelling wouldn't actually give me any problems, but I was reminded how much I use auto-correct. Has it made me a worse speller?

I'm not hugely on the Tumblr Train. Most that I've seen linked to on Facebook and the like are a little to artsy and self-important for my liking. I already have complicated feelings about the pretentiousness of expecting people (greater yet, strangers) to care about what you post online, and Tumblr seemed at the core of that. Who cares if you like that fashion shot or food display? What's it to me?

Well, then I stumbled upon a few Tumblr feeds that I look forward to reading every time they post.

1. Humans of New York
A man walks around a city and does what I want to do: interview people as they walk by. It's people-watching taken up a notch. The guy takes a sound-bite from the conversation and a photo, which, due to the well-chosen quote and picture, I can always seem to imagine the person as if I were talking with them.

2. When You Work at a Non-Profit
It's an inside joke. One that everyone I know who works at a non-profit is in on. We're all just a second away from crisis, cattiness, and all-out celebration. I'm not crazy about the GIF thing going on these days (is it said like Jiffs, really?) but I love these.

A few: Mass-mails gone wrong, Holiday Bonuses, and rolling in cash (figuratively.

3. Suri's Burn Book
Because a little snark goes a long way. The feed takes photos of celebrities and their kids and is written as if Suri Cruise is the biggest child snob in the universe. A few she begrudgingly loves (Prince George), or very mildly respects (Louis Bullock), but most she just tears to pieces (poor Affleck kids and Harper Beckham). Parents get their fair share of criticism (mostly Beyonce and Jay-Z, and Giselle for being parenting try-hards), and of, course, poor Katie Holmes, who is a constant source of embarrassment for 'Suri'.

I can't even choose my favorites:
Blue Ivy Zuma Rossdale Giselle  The Beckhams Parker-Broderick twins Afflecks Apple and Moses The Snob Herself Poor Katie Holmes

That's thirteen links.