Rainy writing

No, I have not been watching Hart of Dixie for two full months. I did finish both seasons in what may be record speed, but I have been busy with other things too. Woodworking class (cuz I'm tough like that). A work/leisure trip to Utah. Selling a house. Squatting at my parents'. A crazed search for a new home. 2013's first camping trip. Paris!

I've got things to blog about, eh?

Just outta the rhythm. So to get the party started I'm going to complain about the rain.

It's dark and wet and soggy and yes, the weather in Seattle sometimes does get to me.

But it does make my mind turn in a way that sunny days don't. Blame the rain for Seattle's hyper-literacy and active local writing community. Something about sun chases good ideas away, and something about cloud cover ignites the brain.

So even though summer is on it's way (it was here a couple weeks ago, right?), I rang in the unofficial summer kick-off Memorial Day waking up to sleet and am in the mood to write.

Porter and I are moving into our new apartment on Mercer Island this Friday which kicks off resolution time. Can't blame half my life being packed in boxes. Can't blame a long commute. Can't blame the rain (because it will go away... right?).

It's go time.