My Mason

I'm officially lusting after Mason Jennings. Went to his concert the other day. I've never been good at describing how awesome good music is, so here's a link to my friend Chris's blog. He was there and will really make you feel like you were there. And wish you were there.


We got pretty close up front. Here's the least blurry picture I could take with my phone.


Mood Fixers

Talking to Kelsie the other day about the silly world of blogging she said to me, "Yeah I read your blog the other day and could only listen to about 3 songs before I wanted to blow my brains out." Yeah.. I promise I'm not depressed and/or suicidal. To prove it, Here's a collection of songs that have a similar power to change my mood, but this time to make me either break out dancing (in my car or elsewhere) or burst into song.

Let's Give Them Something to Talk About, Bonnie Raitt: Coy but bold, Bonnie knows how to make her love life happen

Hands Up, Black Eyed Peas

I Want to Break Free, Bicycle, Queen: Rock gods as they were, still so silly

Extraordinary Machine, Fiona Apple: A reminder to keep on fighting

Let Us All Press On, LDS Hymnbook: I sang it all the time as a missionary pick me up. It still works.

Benny and the Jets, Elton John: There's a reason he's a legend.

Drrty, Christina Aguilera: I'm a closet Xtina fan. Most of her Stripped CD can get me in a good mood.


The Way You Make Me Feel, Michael Jackson
Mickey, B'witched
Highway to Hell, ACDC


Moody Music Playlist

I love music that has the power to change your mood, regardless of what you were feeling when the song comes on. Be it my suppressed emotions or recent turmoil, I've lately remembered how many great songs can make you just ache the second they turn on. So here's my quick list of the songs that somehow always have the power to get me. If I missed anything, let me know. It all started with Bonnie Raitt coming on the radio, so she's a good place to start...

I Can't Make You Love Me, Bonnie Raitt: "I can't make you love me if you don't/ I can't make your heart feel something it don't"
Ohh. Heartbreaking. Unrequited love. He doesn't feel it Bonnie, and that will never change.

Slow Dancing in a Burning Room, John Mayer: "It's not the storm before the calm..."
No one likes knowing that the love that you're holding on to is falling through your fingers no matter what you do. (The one from his live Village Sessions CD is my favorite, click here to find it)

Near to You, A Fine Frenzy: A Fine Frenzy has a lot of melancholy songs. Whisper and Ashes and Wine are among my favorites. This one's depressing not so much for the one dealing with 'love lost' but the one who loves the one who lost. "I loved him so but I let him go because I knew he'd never love me back... Near to you I am healing but it's taking so long" Alison Sudol knows she's being unfair to her new love but knows she needs a deep rebound to wrench herself from the despair she's feeling about the one she still loves. [I have to admit this song fits the Jacob-Bella-Edward dynamic all too perfectly]

Hurt, Johnny Cash (Nine Inch Nails cover) : "I hurt myself today, to see if I still feel..." I'm not usually a proponent of songs that encourage suicide or self-mutilation. But this song really makes you feel the irreparable regret that Johnny is feeling.

The Lorry Ride, Kate Rusby: This folk song is about a lovelorn woman and her tall and handsome man who goes off to pick coffee at the plantation. She is warned to move on, that the work is too dangerous, that he won't even survive the lorry ride home. But she waits for him and mourns, "my days are hard, my nights are slow, and I am so alone/ but I'll dream a dream that will never end 'til he comes home" That's true dedication. (I can't find it online :( )

The Leader of the Band, Dan Fogelberg: I think this song makes me cry because I always thought of my dad as the leader of the band and I just hate to think of his eyes growing old. "And daddy, I don't think I said I love you near enough"

River, Joni Mitchell: Don't be mistaken by the the joyful carol music throughout. This song is jam-packed with conflicting emotions, realizing that what's done is done and wanting to just get away from it. "I wish I had a river I could skate away on... I made my baby cry..." (A more contemporary Sara Bareilles does good justice)

Half of all Fiona Apple songs: I had a roommate once tell me that she knew when I was feeling moody because I listened to Fiona Apple. She feels it (just watch her when she sings live) and makes you feel it too. Here's Love Ridden, Across the Universe, and Never is a Promise

Other good ones
Brick, Ben Folds
Nothing Compares to you, Sinead O'Connor
Yesterday, Beatles/BoyzIIMen
I'm Moving On, Rascall Flatts
California, Mason Jennings
...let's see, what else...