So I've been e-tagged. Blog tagged, b-tagged. Twice! Thankfully both Allison and Heather got me for the same question, because I'm new to this and had a hard time thinking of

10 things people might not know about me

Here goes it!

1. I was born with two teeth. And surprisingly enough it didn't make me look like a freak show/vampire baby. I'm really cute! (Scanned baby Kami to come)

2. I'm addicted to crossword puzzles. Useless information, puzzles and unlimited time make for a fun activity. Usually when I'm really stressed with school or life, I like to curl up in bed with a crossword puzzle book and take it out on the paper. (what, you hit the streets and run?) The only thing that makes me nervous is my grandpa Hart, who is quickly losing his memory and ability to care for himself compulsively buys, works and hoards crossword puzzle books. Do I have a future?

3. I've been to church on every continent but Australia. Mombasa, Kenya (Africa), London, England and Pisa, Italy (Europe), Cuzco, Peru (S. America), Bangkok, Thailand (Asia) and a smattering throughout the US and Mexico (N. America). Believe it or not, the church is really truly the same in all these places! Sometimes hotter, wetter, smaller or more colorful, but not only is the doctrine the same throughout them all, but ward dynamics. Everywhere I've been long enough to get to know ward members there's the power leaders, the struggling souls and the crazies who keep things interesting.

4. I'm afraid of heights. Some things are particularly nauseating, like leaning against high balconies, standing near ledges and walking down steep stairs. Ask my mom how hard I cried ALL THE WAY DOWN Chichen Itza pyramids. Sure that was in the 5th grade. I've gained a lot more control over my panic since them but still I get nauseous or dizzy and sometimes projected visions of my tumbling to my death. This hasn't stopped me from skydiving and hang gliding. One of my biggest regrets is not taking the train down to Zambia to bungee jump off Victoria Falls, the highest bungee in the world. (scanned picture of skydiving Kami to come)

5. I LOVE DRESSES. Skirts aren't bad. I wear jeans most days. But I'm gonna get all tingly about any kind of clothes or fashion (excluding shoes), it's got to be a dress. Jumpers, wraps, fancy, casual, occasion dresses (aka wedding gowns). I rarely buy them but they get me excited.

6. My hair is stick straight. Without a heavy layer of AquaNet and/or some serious teasing damage it will not hold a curl for longer than about 30 minutes. So I'm excluded from ringlets and pretty curls so I have to get creative with the way I girly up. Right now I'm living the blonde life. It's fun.

(This is the post-AquaNet/teasing hairdo from Katie's wedding)

7. I won best paper and spoke at DARE graduation. That's not all that interesting. But I just remembered. DARE... to keep kids off drugs. I think I talked about Sheryl Carkeek (Crapo Shaw) and how she made me want to stay away from drugs because drugs screw you up.

8. I've never broken a bone. The worst I've ever had is an arm twisted from the shoulder. I don't remember it hurting and I got a Popsicle out of it. The only surgery I've had is to remove my birthmark (medical name: Giant Hair Nevus. No wonder I got it removed). Before, it looked like brown lip marks ('a kiss from a black angel'). Now it looks like Chile, or a skinny Florida, or as Max Butikofer pointed out, a giraffe (?) with a line down the middle. Most people think I cut myself. Or have a strange henna tattoo.

Phew! This is getting tough!

9. I have always wanted to be a masseuse. Maybe some day I'll go to massage school. That'd be sweet.

10. My goal is to be conversational in at least 5 languages before I die. English, check! Spanish, check! Thai, check! Swahili, pretty much a check! What other languages should I pick? I'm thinking another romance language like French or Portugese (for Portugal not Brazil) and maybe a biblical language like Greek or Hebrew.

So there's me in a nutshell. A blog shaped nutshell. So now I tag.... Kelsie!


amanda said...

GERMAN! pick GERMAN! :) I miss you!

Tom and Heather said...

I vote French! Bonjour! Ha, ha, thanks for doing the tag! Is it weird that I really like the lame blog tags? How else would I be reminded that you were born with two teeth? So cool! Anyway, I still blame my bad grades that one winter semester on the newspaper crossword puzzles. A welcome alternative to homework. We were quite a team doing those, huh?