My cute roommates!

Not to go all BYU cheeseball on you, (who?) but I think that I might have the greatest roommates ever. I stumbled into this ragtag crowd because my parents own this house down in Provo. I lived there last summer with my parents and a handful of transients who came and went. The plan was to rent the house out to a family (it's not BYU approved, nor is it zoned for more than 3 non-immediate family members) but due to an odd lease-out time (Mark and Wendy are planning on returning next June, leaving renters just 9 months to enjoy the home), the only biters were young singles. My dad finally selected a group of "nurses" (only one really was a nurse) to move in and dubbed me as unofficial landlord in charge of collecting rent, fixing lightbulbs and cleaning up after all the all-night parties we were bound to throw.

As it turns out, all six of us are in a totally different world of school and/or work but somehow meld together just perfectly. We smart, sassy, beautiful girls have to stick together! Here's us on our roommate Christmas date and gift exchange. All together now: awwww!

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