MTC Training

After three weeks of seemingly endless class observations and training meetings, I feel almost competent enough to be teaching at the MTC. I thank my lucky stars for Tommy Jones, the supervisor who Sister Hunter and I used to semi-stalk when I was an MTC missionary. (We definitely broke into his cubicle and took a picture of his wedding picture. I'm not sure why. The MTC warps what you think is funny.) He is an inspiring leader and I look forward to learning from him.

My teaching companion is Robby Parker and I think we'll be a good team. He has the same off-the-cuff, real-to-life teaching style as me. He is realistic but positive and a total goofball. He is a little bit incoherent when he's explaining things, but that's just fine with me. He is sincere and he genuinely loves the missionaries and the gospel.

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