Travelling high down south

I love traveling. L-O-V-E it. Love new places, love new cultures, I love being forced to talk to strangers whose lives are such a flip flop of mine. I don't get excited about much, but I love the high I get the night before I go anywhere. Like in my mind I've got that scriptures from Mosiah 24 "Be of good comfort, for on the morrow, I will deliver you out of bondage" except bondage is the tedium of life and the deliverance is a trip ANYWHERE.

I accidentally left my phone on during my first flight so now it's almost out of batteries. When I saw the last bar flashing green (why green, anyway? Since when does green mean danger: loss of communication on its way?) I first congratulated myself for remembering to pack my charger, and brainstormed when I might charge it most efficiently. Then I had one of those aha! moments that seems desperate and pathetic for a minutes until the pure elation of unattached freedom sets in. I don't have to report to anyone! My green flashing last bar could go entirely blank the minute Kendall picks me up and it won't matter one bit. Ahhh... liberating, isn't it.

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