Great news

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints often announces its three-fold mission:
  1. Preach the Gospel
  2. Perfect the Saints
  3. Redeem the Dead
Every nonprofit organization has a mission statement and this unofficial one coined by Spencer W. Kimball has guided church funding and activities since 1981. It has been confirmed that the church is adding a fourth fold to its already three-fold mission of the church:

4. Help the Poor and the Needy

Because it's hard to feel the spirit or of God's love when your most basic needs are not met
Because the act of helping others in need perfects us as we fulfill our baptismal covenants
Because Christ did, and asked us to do likewise

I would love to delve into the political implications of such a statement, and thrash any of those morons who believe in any level of deserved poverty crap, but I'm going to simply say that I'm excited. "Caring for the poor and needy has always been a basic tenet of the Church," said LDS Church spokesman Scott Trotter, this is simply a reminder that it is our responsibility.


Lisa said...

kam! i didnt even know that and it made me tear up. oh man, i love our church.

Jodi said...

i heard this in church on sunday. that's awesome!