Que Sera

Soundtrack: Que Sera

I am often a compulsive planner. I can admit it. I think in my Google Calendar, I schedule everything. I even schedule free time. January I had planned to the tee. Every day, I knew where I would be, what I would be doing and with whom.

No longer.

Since Page and Co. hit the air back to America, Lisa and I are homeless, planless and lacking any sort of direction. We were originally going to head to Vietnam for Chinese New Year (tet, whatever) but decided to bop around the islands a little longer. Then we were going to head to Cambodia overland and on to Viet. Not yet.

So now I'm in Laos, and I think it is perfect. We'll be here maybe... a week? We've touched base with the connections we have here (good ones) and we'll see what happens?

Talking with some adorable older women on the overnight train last night we giggled (a polite, accented chuckle, really; not the little girl giggle I'm used to) about the song Que Sera.

Que sera, sera,
Whatever will be, will be;
The future's not ours to see.
Que sera, sera,
What will be, will be.


Markos said...

INDECISION: Key to greater flexibility. Now is your chance to make a difference in Laos. Markos

Raelle said...

That movie was so sad.