New Look

For the month I've been home, I've been living in the guest room. Sure, it's the room I grew up in with the same totally sweet princess bed frame I've had since about the 4th grade, but with gray walls and Dutch china decor, it has not been my room. It looks like I'll be here a while (this party's just getting started!), and I'm always looking for new projects to keep me busy and learning new house renovation skills (they're important?) so out with the gray, in with the new.

During: First off was spray retexturing and painting the ceiling. I wasn't too happy with the first round finished product, mostly because it looks like a herd of birds shat all the freak over my walls (and face), but after an extra coat of ACE Hardware's nicest looking paint from the Oops bin (I've named it Blush beige, my dad called it Desert Storm) and new baseboards, it looks lovely. I'm achy in all sorts of weird places now and still working on decorating, but what a difference a little color makes!



Jodi Pitchforth said...

cute kami but i still wish you lived in utah

Christie said...

very nice kami