Golden Girls

I don't suppose anyone else ever has the thought that perhaps old friends who you haven't seen for a while and you don't rarely talk to (because really, Facebook and blog stalking, as informative as they are, aren't actually talking) aren't really friends anymore.  What is a friend, if not someone who you talk to on a regular basis?  I had a thought like this last week, in preparation for old friends from college coming into town to visit.  I was a bit worried for a moment, in all honesty, that I'd signed up for three days with some very nice people who were really just a notch above acquaintances but who held more expectation of connection and thus, a more awkward forcing of fun, contentment, and intimate conversation. 

Boy, was I wrong, and thank heavens too, because a weekend with non-friends just isn't blog-worthy, and heaven knows I've been needing to kickstart myself back into blogland.  And more important that that even, heaven knows that I need me some really great friends. 

We hadn't looped out of the airport before giggles, 'Remember When's, high voices, and 'What if's filled the car.  I'm still recovering from Friday night's sleepover-style 3am bedtime and a full weekend of Seattle fun, Diet Coke runs, and catching up.  These are friends who I can laugh with, and cry with (thanks a lot The Help), and who it's worth filling in the blanks of events and goings-on between the last time we all got together and now, even though it means lots of talking. 

Rest assured, I have some really wonderful friends.  Planning on keeping them at least til we look like these classy ladies:


Jodi said...

i too have thought the same thing. but i think (like you've discovered) that a friend is not just someone you talk to regularly but someone you can be around even after a long time away and have a good time.

Tom and Heather said...

Ok, next time we get together we're going to decide who's who among the Golden Girls bunch! I have a feeling I'm the Blanche...
That was beautifully written, Kami! I had a great weekend and I'm glad the love's still there. See you all again soon!