Giving Up Explained

When I have something big to blog about, I have a tendency to hold off on updating my blog for a while because I wish I could update chronologically, fully, as things are happening.  I want to update with pictures and witty or thoughtful commentary.  Then I get back-logged and then don't want to post new items out of order.

This season's big news?

Oh, and my fingeres are red now...
Uhh what?

I'm freaking engaged, that's what.  

I met this boy and I love him and we're getting married.  Two months from yesterday.

Now I can post about all the goings-on with some context.

Soundtrack: C'est la Mort by The Civil Wars

This song was recommended to me by YouTube yesterday and I've probably listened to it over 50 times in the last 24 hours.  It's got that desperation of Phantom of the Opera's 'All I Ask Of You' and the sweet sentimental of 'Grow Old with You' from The Wedding Singer.  But it's got these haunting vocals, killer harmonies, and a message that sinks in so deep that I got light-headed the first 15 times on repeat. 

Whatever happens, wherever you go, in life and in death, don't go without me.


Shan said...

LOVE the song! And you! Congratulations again sweet friend!

Jodi said...

i'm so happy for you