Name Change

I got a new license today. I usually have a compulsive desire to renew on my birthday for some reason, maybe so I know when the thing will expire. But today I got officially tagged with the name with which I've been getting used to introducing myself for the last almost 6 months: my married name.

Crazy, right?

Strange to think I've got a whole new set of initials now. A whole new signature. The one I'll sign on forms and checks and homework assignments of kids who share my last name. Not the one I grew up with - that one just got bumped a slot over to my up-til-now empty space for a middle name - but this new one. My... Husband's name. My family name. I got my social security card and passport a month or so ago, I guess, so according to the United States of America I've been a Bratten for a month or more, but this is the last change of my official documents, and the most frequently used and seen.

 I got a great photo, if I do say so. I've never understood why people complain about I'd photos where they have a bad outfit or greasy hair. A slurred smile or half winky eyes, sure, that's annoying, but it's not like you don't know there's a photo involved the day you go in. Expect a wait, expect an annoying fee, expect to have your photo taken. So plan time, outfit, and makeup accordingly.

Anyway, I'm happy with the name change. Very happy. I got all butterflied when they called my number. Not like wedding day butterflies, necessarily, but that same sense of peace and excitement that comes with good life changes. We're starting our family unit and the name is all part of it. Happy Bratten here.

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