Homecoming, Homegoing

We've been home nearly two weeks. I ought to make some joke about the lack of sunshine and summer, but honestly, Seattle hasn't been doing too bad. Besides a few days of torrential rain and overall gloominess (on my day at the Capitol, for instance, I looked like I just stepped out of the shower. Way to wow lawmakers.), Seattle has either been blue-skied, or my personal favorite: bright white. Cloudy, yes, but without rain and almost blinding in brightness. Don't get how beautiful that is? You must not be from Seattle.

The first week back we spent with Trish and Jeff, a week deserving of a post in and of itself. It's like a resort at their house, complete with heated mattress pad, hot-tub, and lake view. I may or may not have been completely useless to all the chores we had to do, but by Thursday our tenants were all moved out and we were cleared to move in.

Tenants? Say, what? Move in where? I keep asking myself this question- usually while talking with my real estate agent, because how did I get a real estate agent?

Some girls marry into debt and emotional baggage. I married into a house that has wildly appreciated since Porter bought it some 3 years ago. And a husband who knows what's up, generally, and specifically with all the preparations necessary for handling the listing of the house for sale.

Week two home was house prep time. Cleaning, landscaping, cleaning, and decorating. We moved just our bed and some accent pieces (easy chair, coffee table, area rugs), as well as an office desk for Porter because apparently space is good, not empty space, but not full space. Also, I've become a Maxxinista and klepto (stealing mostly from my mom. Only from my mom.) trying my best to play interior designer with artfully placed pillar candles that won't be lit; draped, layered towels of different sizes in the bathrooms (not for use either); and even a place setting at the kitchen nook that we don't use for meals. Form before function, I guess.

The timing of my design blitz falls quite conveniently after my HGTV design show binge, the few days after our big W hike in Patagonia when we happened to be staying in the only hotel on our trip with a TV AND Satellite coverage, AND HBO, HGTV, Cinemax, AND 3 days to kill, tired and in the mood for sitting in our king-size bed ALL DAY.

I'm well-prepared.

Check it out.

Or buy it!



Anonymous said...

I think the house is actually sparkling! Good luck on the sale.


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