Music Monday: Three Anniversary Songs

Two years.

With this guy.

Dream come true, right?

Last year I was schmoopy. This year, music's doing the talking.

1. Pusher Lover Girl by Justin Timberlake
Not because I like to think of my relationship as a drug addition, but JT (damn you), you rock my world (my body?). This song's been on repeat today - the 8 minute version - and will be a great intro to an anniversary dance party. I love that the intro sounds like the intro for olde time 40's movie and all 8 minutes just sways. Real easy- like being married to Porter. (Oddly enough, the worst part of the song is the bridge, which doesn't match the rest of the slow jam beat)

2. Still Into You by Paramore
I have visions of myself lip-synching this to Porter on our 40th anniversary. Hopefully my hair will also look like a sno-cone.

3. Eyes on the Prize by Maria Burnham (by M Ward)

This song still kind of makes me cry.

Too cute

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wendy said...

You two are pretty wonderful. Happy Anniversary with millions more to come!