2 of 3 Trimesters - DONE

I'm 28 weeks pregnant - that's about 7 months for normal people out there who don't count everything weeks. That's right into the third trimester, which from a Dr's POV (and that of a retired neo-natal NICU nurse Mother-in-law), is considered the 'if your baby comes now, not only will it not die, it is not likely to have any serious lifelong medical impairments' marker. Read: Great news for just in case I don't make it another 12 weeks.

Porter and I have been late bloomers in most regards when it comes to talking about the pregnancy/baby. People keep saying I should be talking about it more, or announcing it, or something, but I am very much at a loss for what that even means. I've never been great at announcements. We didn't take a pregnancy test until I'm pretty sure I was almost 2 months pregnant (8 weeks in pregnant-speak). Didn't tell anyone until 11 or so, not because of the dreaded 12 week 'you probably won't miscarry' marker, it just didn't seem to come up. It felt like conversation hijacking or something. We finally told family at 18 weeks, my work at something like 20, Facebook at 24 weeks and now the blog at 28. Yay for full disclosure in, on, and around the internet!

What not telling people did to me is it made all sorts of thoughts I had along the way have no context. I couldn't say them out loud without announcing I was pregnant. I couldn't announce I'm pregnant without some sort of mandatory mini-celebration. No need to go into the discomfort I have celebrating my fertility with acquaintances (and even friends), fact is, now it's out. So here's some of the thought I've had, as I've had them, some time in the last 7 months, in semi-chronological order, as I remembered to write it in my 'Thoughts I've had' notepad on my cell phone:
  • No way is it possible to pee in a cup without peeing on myself, or at least the container
  • The Time Traveler's Wife movie trailer should not make me cry
  • Damn everybody and their opinions. Everyone thinks they did it right. Their way or the highway. LAME!
  • Why won't everyone give me their advice? It's so vague!
  • Was that a kick? Feels like an eye twitch.
  • Round ligements are the worst ligaments
  • I am starving
  • Work is overrated. No way I'm coming back after.
  • I love my job! I Will learn to juggle. Imma gonna be SUPERMOM!
  • What if I can't handle the pain? What if labor is really truly the worst thing ever?
  • Porter is WAY more excited about this than me
  • Why doesn't Porter care about what stroller we use? 
  • Gender, no gender. Gender, no gender. That is the question
  • I hope it's a boy. He will be just like his dad.
  • I hope it's not a boy. Baby penises are gross
  • I am starving!!!!
  • I am getting fat! I have never been fat before. I hate that I hate that I feel fat!
  • Maternity tops are cute!
  • Helllooo ThredUP Maternity!
  • I am definitely not on top of life enough to be in charge of anything/anyone
  • Pregnancy is going to be fundraising gold!
  • Please no crazy acne. Please no gross acne.
  • My boobs are huge. 
  • I need to find a baby to hold. Anyone will do. Who has a baby? Surely someone I know has a baby.
  • My friends are such good moms.
  • My sister and sisters in law are such good moms
  • Awww a dad with a papoose and bottle!
  • What if my child is AWFUL.
  • Turns out sports bras DO have a purpose...
  • I don't crave fast food more but the satisfaction I get from it is expontially higher
  • I could die without ever hearing the phrase 'you just wait' ever again
  • There is so. Much. Stuff. To. Buy. Scratch that. There is so much stuff to choose from.
  • God bless hand-me-downs
  • I need to unsubscribe from this email list. It's giving me anxiety.
  • Holding my nephew, I just can't wait for my own baby to fall into me like he does his mom
  • At the Women of Influence Awards, women kick BUTT!
  • There is really NO WAY to not pee all over yourself when leaving a urine sample.
  • Food. I need food. Food food food food
And plenty more 

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Erika Nelson said...

Your list of thoughts totally made me laugh. You are officially the cutest! I had a few friends who could only gave advice in biotch tone aka "it's only done my way".

And oh my gosh--- Round Ligament pain just about KILLED me! It was the worst.

Congrats on making it to your 3rd Trimester!