3 Things I Want to SHOUT at Shonda Rimes

Twelve seasons in and I still watch Grey's Anatomy. I made it three seasons, lost steam for another 3, caught up, then watched another 2, then lost interest again, and since season 9, it's the only show I watch every Friday morning on my sister's Hulu account. I can't count how many times friends and strangers have said 'I loved that show, but I just can't do it anymore.' I myself have almost stopped watching a number of times. But I can't! Even though I regularly want to shout out the following things to mastermind creator Shonda Rimes:

1. Not every relationship is miserable.

Seriously. The ones who are happy are happy for five minutes until Shonda rips it apart. I get that relationship drama makes for good TV, but you know, Shonda, not all drama has to be couples breaking up, cheating, or pining. Sometimes couples are just happy couples who fight sometimes. In fact, that's more relatable than everyone breaking up. I must not be the only one begging happiness, please!

2. Death is not the only way to end a character

So she hasn't killed everyone. Izzy (miraculously) didn't die but ran away (and good thing. I like Alex with Jo much better), Burke left for Switzerland, and apparently Callie is off to New York (a fact that annoys me because of #1. She and Arizona were so great together! But whatever, at least it's open-ended). But freaking everyone else who disappeared- George, Mark, Lexie (and both her parents), Derek, all those Mercy West docs... Noel from Felicity and Denny get a fair pass since they were basically terminal patients to start, but wouldn't it be great if one of these adorable dreamboats... LIVED?

3. Surgeons date non-surgeons!

With the exception of Richard and Adele and a few relationships with dying patients (Izzy and Teddy, see above) and a few flings (Derek with the nurse and Miranda with the nurse), everyone only dates and hooks up with surgeons. Even when Miranda was dating dating Ben, an anesthesiologist ended up going back to train to be a surgeon, because apparently being an anesthesiologist isn't hardcore enough. Whatever, the show is about surgeons, but there are tons of other people with interesting lives and dynamics and it wouldn't kill the characters to interact with them in a meaningful way (or maybe it would... see #2).

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