My Jamie

I don't know how to keep up with this kid, literally on a minute to minute basis and more generally, recording his little life.

MAN ALIVE, my child is adorable. It is amazing how many times a day I watch him with total crazy eyes, dumbfounded at the little fireworks going off in my soul. I just luuuurrrrrve him (you know, when I'm not dead tired or pulling my hair out).

Some things I want to remember someday:
  • Any time he wants to go somewhere, he'll whine "goooiing! going!" If he wants you to come, he'll pull you with a "coming! coming!"
  • He likes having blocks and toys shoved in his shirt
  • He likes having pillows chucked at his face, kind of hard
  • He is increasingly obsessed with Lambie, which is cute but also awful, dirty and I realize, precarious. We have multiple to switch out as needed
  • He is most snuggly right when he wakes up
  • He loves Cars and Trucks and Things That Go by Richard Scarry
  • He loves playing with cars, trucks, trains, and things that go. And balls
  • He is obsessed with Nannie
  • His cheeks are the perfect combination of warm, soft, and springy. They are my #1 favorite thing about him
  • His S words often leave off the first letter (i.e. swing is wing, spoon is poon)
  • I am more often momma than mommy or mom
  • He took immediately to my dad, even though they don't see each other much 
  • He has a love/hate relationship with the Rumba (more like obsessed/terrified)
  • His best dance moves are a little shimmy, a spin, and jumping (he actually gets air!)
  • The most common comment I get when we are out and about is "he is all boy"
  • He is hit and miss with naps. I spend a lot of time driving around with him asleep in the car. Sucky nap days are when I feel the worst about myself as a mom
  • His favorite toys that are not toys are a hammer, screwdriver and measuring tape
  • Porter is a natural dad. He is as delighted as I am at Jamie's antics
  • He's good at blowing kisses and giving high fives, but especially like pounding knuckles, which he does even to himself, it sounds like 'bunnit'
  • He hasn't been around tiny babies much, but the few times he has he has been gentle and wide-eyed
  • His surprise/confused face is awesome
  • He is especially ticklish in his thighs and neck (the itsy bitsy spider gets them all)
  • He always laughs at us when we pray over a meal
  • Almost any bad mood is fixed by a few minutes playing outside
  • When I cry, he wipes my tears and starts crying
  • When Porter and I kiss near him, he will always run up and try to get it on the action
  • He eats pretty good, mostly. He'll be a bottomless pit for a few days then eat barely anything for a few days
  • HE IS MY BABY, no matter how big he gets
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