It's finally real...

Everything has become official. I got my placement last week, meaning I now know exactly where I'll be, who I'll be with and who/where I'll be teaching. In that order:

Where I'll be:
Chuda Hostel

There's 6 bedrooms, kitchen, common area and a couple bathrooms. Amenities include electricity(most of the time), running water and flushable toilets - woo-hoo!! Oh and one ceiling fan in the living room. I have a feeling its gonna be hot. At least a can shower in frigid water. (I'm picturing showers like the ones in the Amazon: painfully cold for the first minute, then you get numb)

My address:
PO Box 1021
Tanzania (remember this)

You're welcome to send letters, though I'm told the mail system isn't great. I love mail though, just so you know. Butterfingers or gifts are always appreciated, though you might want to get on sending them now so I'll get them before I leave.

Phone:++255 27 2644066

I'm not sure if the phone comes directly to me, but as many know, I just about live on my cell phone now so I might be going through telephone withdrawals.

Who I'll be with

1: Number one of course, my travelling companion, Jenny Spencer. We hadn't really talked since about 9th grade and she decided Tanzania and I were irresistable enough to drop school, work and a boyfriend to come join my on my adventures. I'll see if I can find a picture... although I'm sure you'll meet her soon. She might be supplying the digital camera for the trip.

2-6: I got names and emails of the 5 other people who I'll be living with in Tanga. Most of them are from the UK! One's name is Bertie, if that's not the cutest name ever. I haven't emailed any yet, but I'm sure we'll get along great...

Mohamed Yasin: No, he's not a terrorist just because his name is Mohamed. He's the guy who will *hopefully* be picking me up from the airport. I got an email from them saying basically "if you've been waitin for hours and no one shows up to get you, you might have to find your way to Tanga." Forget that it's a 5 hours bus ride in a foreign country, no big deal. We'll just cross our fingers that Mohamed will come through for us.

Anna Mronga & Paulo Jackson: My contacts at the school.

Who and Where I'll be Teaching

Kiomoni Secondary School
PO Box 2369

I'll be teaching Junior High and High School kids so hopefully they don't mind having a 20 year old teacher. We'll also be training the English teachers to speak better English.

Kiomoni is about 5 miles outside of Tanga. We'll probably bus there.

Sorry, no pictures this time.


Jeff Roberts said...

Kami- how does your mother feel about this "he might show up" stuff. Are you allowed to pack a gun?

blog said...

Impressive...although somewhat disturbing, who knew you were at this level of computer geekdom?

heatherknudson said...

So, will you have internet access and computers and stuff? I mean, if you dont, the whole blog thing falls apart right?