What?! You've never heard of Tanga?

Most people have either never heard of Tanzania or know little about it. So, I have compiled a rough guide so I don't have to see any more blank looks when I say I'm going to Tanzania. No more embarrassment.

Rough Guide to Tanga, Tanzania(my future home):


  • Located right near Kenyan border on the Indian Ocean

  • Or, for those of you who need the zoom out photo:


  • About 200,000 people (I picture Puerto Vallarta: port town, some richer lots of poor, dirty but livable... Tanga will probably have less resorts and no Mexicans)
  • The city is lined by mangroves on the coast

See, its kinda like PV


  • All the guide books describe Tanga as a city of "decaying decadence"
  • Was a booming port city, specializing in sisal (what they used to make rope from)
  • Economy collapsed around WWII because nylon ran the sisal farms out of business


  • African, Black, Adorable

I can't wait!

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heatherknudson said...

looks like you'll fit right in