Pictures from the Dark Continent

So, once again, big brother Brian comes to the rescue. Uploading a few pics for the Bam Adventures.

This one is of the Bam herself and her new boyfriend Ralph. They're getting pretty serious. I think he dropped the "L" bomb last weekend, (or at least thats the rumor).

Don't expect any wedding bells though, Kami is afraid of commitment.

Here's Kami's travel buddy trying to blend in. I know it's difficult to pick her out, she's third from the left in a yellow shirt.

The kid in the green definately represents the West Coast.

I think this is also Kami showing the kids how to rub her belly and pat her head simultaneously. (She hasn't started patting yet)

The kids in the back are actually conjoined quintuples. They have to stand on the table because there arent any desks that will fit all five of them.

I think that Ralph is here in the red and blue looking back.


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jake dahl said...

Kami so you got cut off with my wife today, yes the big news is that she is pregnant... Pretty neat huh. We are super excited and I am praying its a boy, But Its most likley going to be a girl. I am at your home right now just chillin like a villian. Well gotta go, your mom sends her love..
Peath Out Jake Dahl

SF said...

Looks radical. It seems like you are having a super time. School is sure keeping me busy. Those photos are cool. I look forward to seeing more.

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heatherknudson said...

Whats up with all these fags posting comments about their own stupid sites?

SF said...

I know some people are shameless. Here's a link to my website that documents some of the more brazen plugs given on semi public forums around the globe: http://strangers.stop/posting-crap.fags_foreal.com