All in a Day's Work

I watched a man today as I was waiting for the bus. He spent a good 20 minutes meticulously perfecting the setup of his "shop." This shop is a 2' by 2' table with peanuts, buscuits, chips, and other snacks for sale at 10-50 cents apiece. His regular spot, about half way down Mkwakwani street brings him probably 30 sales a day. He stands about 4 feet from his top competitor, who happens to carry the exact same goods. Every day, he wakes up somewhere- I can't tell where he might live, whether in a house or a shack- kisses his wife goodbye and heads off to work. After a day at the "office" he carefully seals his goods in boxes, praying they don't get stale by tomorrow, and heads home, a handful of change to add to his life savings.

I think I might go by some peanuts.

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