"The SEEEERR! The SeeeeRR!"

How weird was that song? I felt like I was listening to some old musical. That guy with the Joseph Smith solo did have a pretty sweet voice though. Was it more than one guy? I can't tell.

What? you are thinking right now.... How could she have known?

Or, if you're not a member of the LDS church, you're thinking, What in blazes is she talking about?! Read on.

Well, I thought that General Conference was next week (isn't it supposed to be the closest weekend to the 6th? I'm fairly certain that the 8th is much closer to the 6th than the 2nd. But I digress.) but I found out from some emails that this is the blessed weekend where Mormons far and wide congregate to listen to our church's leaders. Most Latter-Day Saints congregate at chapels where huge satellite dishes beam in Gordon B and the rest of the crew. At home in Seattle, Saints sit at home in PJs eating caramel popcorn, digital cable and KBYU allowing for a much more comfortable dress code and menu. Down in Provo, Conference weekend is a nonstop party. Breaktime means BBQ time and Priesthood session equals Girls Night Out.

Here in East Africa, I took a taxi into town (not brave enough to walk into town in the dark) and begged for 2 hours at the last internet cafe open in town. They didn't first understand the concept of my headphones, but now I am successfully huddled in front of Computer Number Three (my least favorite because it freezes all the time), blissfully listening to Mo Tab and the most inspired men and women on the earth speak on examples, love and forgiveness. sigh Life is good.

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Anonymous said...

Sweet! Confrence was so cool. I am glad you got to see some. (Wasn't it so cool?)