Rob's 50th Birthday Mexican Pirate Luau

This blog post is written assuming all readers know Uncle Rob. If you don't, it doesn't make as much sense.

This year was Rob's 50th birthday. For anyone 50 is a big year, most especially for Rob, who keeps his mustache full so that he looks older (it works for Tom Selleck and Burt Reynolds, it can work for him). This has also been a big summer for Rob because he moved out of the Knudson house (where he has lived for probably 16 of the last 20 odd years) to the Hyde house in Fallon, NV. Fallon sits at the west end of the Loneliest Road in America, where moving eastward, the closest town (Austin, NV) is 110 miles away. (We drove the less lonely I-80 to hwy 95 route and it was pretty grim except for Wendover and Elko. I can only imagine). It has a strong Air Force presence (as well as alleged cancer-causing residue from nuclear testing nearby), signs at the city's edge advertising the dozens of local churches (aka these are God-fearing folk) and is a refreshingly pleasant oasis in the desolate Nevada desert. I have lots of fond memories at the Hyde's house, playing in the dirtiest neck of the Carson River and pretending I lived real farm life because I helped gather the chicken eggs and sometimes stepped in dried-up horse poop.

Anyway, Robbie is adjusting to the new scenery so to help him with the transition we planned the party. I'm pretty sure it was supposed to just be a regular luau (lei's and inflatable palm trees) but somehow we ended up with Cafe Rio pulled pork salads and a ridiculous pirate treasure hunt in search of all Rob's presents. We swam, we played, we ate and ate and ate. Everything a family reunion should be.

I don't have any great pictures, but here's the family after the treasure hunt.

PS My family is totally rad.

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