When was the last time you thought about Rhode Island?

Rhode Island is one of those states that you don't really think about until you have to. Not that it's unpleasant in any way, it's just... there. Kelsie and Jake are there now so I've thought about Rhode Island a lot more recently than I ever have. Last Saturday Jake called me and offered to fly me out to play with Kels and the kids, on Sunday. So I made the impromptu trip across the country and had oodles of East coast fun.

Monday we were in Providence (that's the capitol of Rhode Island, you know) and I fell head over heels for the Brown University campus.

Tuesday me and Kelsie stayed the night in Boston. It smells just like Seattle. We had dinner on the wharf and got lost looking for somewhere, I don't remember where now. But on the way we accidentally ended up driving through Harvard and by MIT. Not as neat as Brown. Boston has a cool urban feel.

Wednesday morning waded in the Atlantic ocean and again accidentally ended up at Plymouth Rock. I guess it's not really a rock and it's not really the first place the pilgrims landed. Or so says the lady we met from Cape Cod.

Here's Kelsie puking all over the ridiculous traffic in Massachusetts. Still, somehow the GPS in the car always reported that our destination was about 7 minutes away.

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Tom and Heather said...

Fun stuff! I can't believe they're in Rhode Island. You're right...you kind of forget it's there. That was sweet of Jake to fly you out. You're so blonde these days! I mean hair color, not ditziness.