Brown Beauty

I was walking home from the bus last night (about 6pm) and was really amazed at how beautiful it was. Having grown up in Seattle I am extremely addicted to green. Just about any time I comment on the beauty of an area it is due to the green. Yesterday, however, the sun was coming down, not yellow and pink yet, but it was just that kind of light that made everything crisper. Like how everything looks when you just get a brand new prescription and you realize how fuzzy things were before. My house is right up near the mountains and I felt like I could see every detail. The mountains certainly don't have any green on them this time of year. The little color there is is patches of orange-yellow changing leaves. Why the beauty then? BROWN! So I just looked up the word brown on Wikipedia (the ultimate resource for everything) and found out that brown is an entirely relative color. Did you ever know that? I've been mulling that around in my brain for the last little bit and quite honestly, I still don't get it. But the announcement stands: brown is beautiful.

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