Almond MIlk

I'm always on the hunt for new non-milk milk products to try. I'm not sure why. They're almost always gross. Lately I've been compelled to think more about it and I stumbled across the idea of Almond Milk. I guess before the advent of the refrigerator, cow's milk was all too frustrating to keep in stock, so they turned to nuts to offer the milky texture with a longer shelf life. Who knew, right? It just so happens that I've had a jar full of almonds that I'm sick of snacking on so I made my own batch, like this:

Combine 1 part almonds, 4 parts water: let soak 1-2 days
Blend in blender, sweeten with dates, syrup or honey
Strain almond flecks (optional)

Verdict: It's not awful; grainier than I'm used to and not sweet enough for my taste. But I think it will be good for baking, or cereal. Give it a shot! If you have a blender that works (like I thought I did when I started but found out half way through my first Pulse when almond juice started splurting out the sides that I do not.) it's way easy.


Linds said...

I am intrigued...so does it taste anything at all like milk? And was it good in cereal? I recently decided that I don't like the idea of drinking milk from a big fat cow being pumped with fake pregnancy hormones. So, I've been off milk and on soy for maybe almost 6 months or so now. So I am interested in trying!!

kambam said...

Home-made- much cheaper; makes you feel industrious

Store-bought- much tastier. A little bit grainier in flavor, but sweeter to make up for it. I would highly recommend it!