NexGen... did I mention I'm rich?

As a non-profit minor at BYU, we are affiliated with an organization called American Humanics. I went to Indianapolis for their conference in January and blogged about it. Several years ago the Kellogg foundation gave AH a $5 million grant, which is divvied out to lucky AH members for internship grants through the NexGen program. NexGen, by the way, is a sassy abbreviation for Next Generation Nonprofit Leaders. About a month ago I applied for the grant, made the thrice-extended deadline by about 10 minutes and Boom! last week I found out that I got it! $4500 healthy dollars (hopefully in stacks of ones like this picture) to help fund my internship with Community Action Services this summer (more info to come). Hooray!


Christie said...

HOORAYYYY!!! that is wonderful! i'm so excited for you! all that dough! hey, i'm sorry i didn't call you on your birthday...funny story about that. Did you know that pregnant women get less oxygen to their brians? its true and i'm living proof. i left my phone on top of the car and drove off. After hearing a banging noise and then watching a truck run over it we retrieved the lovely phone. Sadly, i now dont have your number....so happy birthday and i'm sorry i didn't go to danniey's baby shower...again did i mention my phone? call me!

Anonymous said...

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