Thanks to Southwest's $90 funfares, I got to go to Seattle a couple weeks ago. When I got off the plane, I wandered into the Made in Seattle gift store and was literally overwhelmed with how much I love the Pacific Northwest. Salmon, Native Americans, Mountain and Ocean views wrapped in green, art and local hippie-friendly industry. My home town rocks!

I wish more than anything that I had pictures to upload but alas, I lost my camera (and everything else that allows me to function day to day) so I hope my bullet list of highlights paints a vivid enough picture to compete with my old Nikon Coolpix (RIP).

Sunday dinner with the whole (growing) family. Nothing beats crock pot cookery and mashed potatoes. My bedroom empty but still intact.
Coconut ice cream at a random (but really nice) restaurant in downtown Seattle
Enjoying the Washington State Ferry System for what it's meant for (public transportation)
Spending time with a family that resembles how mine was ten years ago (busy and hectic but safe and happy)
Being peer pressured to jump (15 feet!) into the FRIGID Puget Sound and climb up a barnacley ladder --- in the rain! (worth the jump)
Sitting (in my pjs, at my house, in front of the fire, in those plush leather couches that make it impossible to do anything productive)
Playing the Brothers Knudson's newest prototype - Hecho
Brainstorming for Brent's musical
Snoqualmie Falls after a downpour (you could feel the mist all the way from the lookout point)
St. Helens Fresh Honey from a little orchard stand
Prosser, Washington (who knew it was so delightful! Amazing appetizers at a high-so restaurant, pizza at a charming pizzeria, milkshakes
Catching up with the Scrivners (and Baker City, OR)
Getting back to Provo (home sweet home!)


Linds said...

SEATTLE!! My Mom is a native- love that ferry :) And wait...are you related to those Knudsen Brothers? Some of them were in my ward growing up...

Haley said...

Oh how I miss it!!!!!Tell your family hello!!!