The last weekend in April we had sisters reunion with all the girls from my mom and aunt's families. I have such a fun family, seriously. We spent a lot (a lot) of time beading (I came home with new earring and several new bracelets) and eating snacks that I am most definitely not allowed to be eating (good bye allergy diet, hello stomach ache). Thanks to my mom, the queen of everything matchy patchy same same, we all had matching sweaters (so when we wore them out we looked like we were either a dental office on break or promoting breast cancer awareness) and the Knudsons in attendance had matching jammies too! Very adorable on both accounts.

We spent the weekend at a condo up in Park City so we got in some time on Main Street and at the outlet malls. Thanks to my mom and aunt for organizing and funding the party and raising such wonderful ladies, and to all the men in the family for marrying such high quality women.

Unfortunately I don't have the pictures of our night in the 80's-roller-rink-esque hot tub (complete with sweaty rental shoe smell and studio lights) but here's one of the beading table where we spent the bulk of our time.

I'm looking for the sisters reunion round II!

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