Great Songs About the South

My trip down south got me thinking about all the great music of all genres dedicated to the region. I stumbled upon this website and am exited to pursue the songs I've not yet heard. Some of the ones I've chosen for my Best Songs about the South:
  • Mississippi Queen by Mountain and Texas Flood by Stevie Ray Vaughn- Thank you Guitar Hero for opening my mind to both of these southern greats. The former is my favorite fake guitar riff to rock, the latter gives me carpal tunnel just thinking about it (not me playing).
  • Black Velvet by Alanna Myles. I'm not actually sure what this song is all about, but it's slow and sweaty and all the sexier for it- Though the thought of velvet in a southern summer doesn't scream sensual.
  • Walking in Memphis - this one hit wonder by Marc Cohn oozes the glory days of Elvis and the southern religious fervor. (Cher painfully tried to cover it, but failed. And doesn't look like Elvis.)
  • Carolina On My Mind by James Taylor. Oh James, please be my friend.
  • The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia is perhaps the most unusual video known to country music (check out the 3 minute 80's crime show with Reba hollering in the background here). Leave it to Reba McIntyre to take an otherwise rockin' song about corrupt law in the south and make a joke of it by bad costumes and way too many over-acted voice-overs.
  • Tennessee by Arrested Development. This soul searching old school hip hop reminds me of the Perry's for some reason. ("A game of horseshoes!!")
  • Calling Baton Rouge. Garth Brooks. The one from his Double Live album.
  • Memphis, Tennnessee, Jackson Square, Rebecca DeVille, and more by Mason Jennings. The first is sweet, the second eerie, the third heartbreaking. Who'd have known Mason's a native midwesterner?
Somehow I want to put Ludacris' Southern Hospitality on the list, but can't make myself do it.

Am I missing any?


Tom and Heather said...

Sweet Home Alabama!
I skated to it once, so I have a special cheesy bond with that song.
Also The Devil Went Down to Georgia!
My friend skated to that one...seems to be a pattern here!
I think Ludacris should be officially on the list.

Haley said...

i love this!!! a lot of these songs are songs I figured I was the only person who actually liked them. glad to hear theres another...i listen to Walking in Memphis daily!!!!