and I miss the ocean when I go to sleep...

I have always claimed myself to be a lake person rather than an ocean lover (Might have something to do with my "happy place" love of floating and overall dislike of being sticky and covered in salt water). When I think of me and the great blue, however, I always kind of haze over the Southern California Pacific Ocean when I think of my ocean experience (which I apparently make the time to do...). This is mostly due to the fact that I have a generally bad attitude about SoCal and its hype. Blah blah blah, we won't get into the psychoanalysis of that just yet. Any Californian and California lover will just tell me I'm bitter. Maybe so.

At any rate, I have at least somewhat caved on my usually anti-southern California sentiment. This weekend I was reminded of how amazing SoCal really is.

I got a glimpse of LA suburbia- the adorable, quaint kind- in Redondo Beach. Somehow by a touch of fate and only a few detours, all my Freshman/Sophomore year roommates were in southern california the same time. Heather lives there, Brooke visiting her sister, Jessica her in-laws, and me down for a wedding. We had dinner on the pier and giggled about the high voice and other silly nights that don't make sense to really anyone else but us. We are all very much in different places right now (Heather with a newborn, Jessica a toddler [both with husbands and their respective careers], Brooke in law school and me, still working away at my undergrad) but it was so nice to see that regardless of differences, the giggles still come. Believe it or not, we really are friends!

Saturday I spent in Laguna beach, mostly at Brooke's sister's friend's condo on the beach. We walked through town and I was honestly less than impressed at the actual beach (due to the swell there was an uncomfortable amount of seaweed and because it's the O.C. there were an uncomfortable amount of tourists in bikinis that didn't suit them) but walking (and company) was great. It's a funky little town and the ocean is just such a force it's hard to not enjoy its presence.

Saturday evening was Brit's reception, which was just lovely. She was beautiful and she had hands down the most beautiful bride's bouquet of any I have ever seen. I did not catch it. (:(?)

After the wedding, Rachel and I (with the help of her handy I-phone GPS) wandered to Huntington and watched the sunset from a much cleaner, much less crowded beach then got lost back to the UC-Irvine campus to watch 500 Days of Summer at a funky little theater with some friends of hers. I Adored (with a capital A) the movie. Anyone who has been through any level of heartbreak or any position of heart breaker will identify. I laughed, I cried, I learned about myself and all my failed relationships. Better than therapy or even a rebound.

Lovely long weekend. Even the drive there was serene. I just like Rachel so much. We chased the sunset across the desert (sunset is The redeeming quality of the Nevada desert.) and rolled into Vegas in time to catch Le Reve (the Cirque du Soleil-esque plus fire and water show at the Wynn, discounted tickets compliments of the ever-accommodating Matt Phelps). The show was out of this world bizarre but incredibly impressive.

Perfect vacation. Pictures to come.

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Tom and Heather said...

I love, love, love seeing you Kami! So glad the quick visit worked out. It wasn't long enough at all, but it made me happy. Glad you had such a good trip!