I read this quote in a bathroom book.

Friedrich Nietzsche's rejection of Christianity, truth, and the potential of equality makes me a bit wary of him, but any man with a consecutive 'tzsch' in their name that doesn't alert a red squiggly spell check line must hold some clout. I hold that beyond Neecha's (go ahead, you try to spell it without looking) world-renowned philosophy and philology (not to mention his sweet 'stache and 'thinking hard' pose) he deserves attention for this lovely quote:

"Without music, life would be an error."

Frer N., I couldn't agree more.

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Linds said...

:) Not related to the post at all, but what do you think about going to India instead of New Zealand (I realize that was a possibility probably long since gone, but I figured I could try) on your way to/from Asia this winter?? It's basically the cheapest place to travel in the world. And awesome.