Girls Only Camping

Before anyone berates me about the dangers of a group of girls camping alone in the woods without any male protection, I think it is important to know that Raelle brought her gun- and slept with it by her pillow. And she's a good shot. Well, a good enough shot. In her words, "I'm getting better... but my shot'll knock anyone out real good.... as long as I get him in the chest."

With safety out of the way, any other naysayers who claim men build better fires, make better camp food or set up tents with any more efficiency: Back the freak off. Our fire burned strong enough for perfectly toasted marshmallows and some (delicious, if I might brag) Kami-made tin foil dinners. And tents just aren't that hard to assemble.

  • The Cunningham's tent is entirely see-through at the top, which I love. If I had perfect vision I would have fallen asleep star-gazing, but even as blind as I am, the fresh breeze and early light was ideal.
  • I hate bacon. But somehow when it's just a little bit dirty, it tastes much better.
  • Squatting in the bushes = no problem. Thank you Asia for improving my ability to stay dry
  • Some advice: Wandering tattooed, beer-holding neighbors names Keith are not always bad. In fact, they are friendly and have well-intentioned campfire advice. If there's any doubt, however, talk about your loaded gun loud enough he can hear it. Also, have a loaded gun.

Pictures to come...


Lisa said...

I love you. haha. this is funny. also i agree- you keep telling those boys to: back the freak off.

Christie said...

there is never a problem with girls only camping. you have a gun and lets be honest when everyone does go camping together the girls do all the work anyway, so its way simpler and more fun to have the guys gone-- they are simply in the way holding their guns most of the time. :) so fun