*I wrote this a week or two ago and forgot to publish it. I'm feeling a whole lot better now (easy to improve from this kind of state) and will be posting the proof of it shortly!

I'm cranky. And cold. Because my room has this weird stink right now so the window is open and even though it's July 3, it's only 50 degrees outside and I bet it rains again tomorrow. I'm annoyed that the only place where it's any kind of quiet is in my car and I can't be in there with the windows closed because it still reeks of gasoline from a tiny spill three weeks ago and the vanilla tree hanging from the mirror doesn't work for crap. My house is a disaster. The kitchen sink is clogged and it looks like diarrhea is coming up the pipe whenever I try to do anything to remedy the situation. I'm thinking of torching the whole house and starting from scratch. I'm sick of breaking out, breaking up and breaking earrings, which somehow never ceases to surprise me how often all three of these storm through. I can't believe my dryer takes 2 hours for a full dry with no mildew smell or that girls who I think of as 7th graders are married now with babies, which means they are having sex and I don't get to. I can't ever decide what to eat and that is not getting easier. I miss Thailand. A lot. Weather, food, people I love and the weird sense of humor I get when I speak Thai. I have angry feelings towards some people who are driving me crazy. It's rare that I hold a grudge for more than 5 minutes and I don't know how people do it for longer than that because it is exhausting! I'm praying for a get-over-it heart, a little humility, and a lot of patience. And a better mood.


Melanie Beth said...

lol at "girls who I think of as 7th graders are married now with babies, which means they are having sex and I don't get to" you crack me up
...although it IS weird to me that they are married... when did i get old enough to see the kids i used to BABYSIT get married. weird.

if you ever want to hang out let me know! i dont hang out with anyone anymore!

kambam said...

Let's hang out soon!

Christie said...

i love you kami. i miss you. come visit me in p-town