Fourth of July Festivities

I have to get this announcement off my chest. It has been plaguing me for weeks.

I RAN A 5K!!!

If you know me, you know that I hate running. With everything in me. But sometimes, a girl's got to do things she hates for the simple fact that it should be done. I promised myself I'd run at least one this summer and even though my jogging routine has all but gone out the window, I signed up for the Firecracker 5000, Midnight 5K. I might be a masochist for agreeing to almost all up-hill (how is that even possible) route around Seattle's most beloved landmark, the Space Needle, especially with my wimpy, toddler lung capacity and Heavyweights-like endurance, but I did it! At midnight! With a USA theme! And I didn't die! (The !!!s must come from that runner's high I've heard so much about)
I was going to do it alone, no lie, until I found out that some girls I know (runners themselves, the kind that run on purpose, fast) were signed up as well so we made a caravan of it. And by caravan I mean that we started at the time and I took twice their time to get back to the finish line. Great motivation to keep at it and get better!
I'm not sure what's going on with my body here, but I am excited it's over!
The celebration continued on the night of the fourth, this time with I think everyone from Seattle congregating at Gasworks Park. They played God Bless America during one of the fireworks sequences, which I'm thrilled about, considering the masses of atheists in attendance. Monica commented on my perma-smile throughout the show. I really do love fireworks. Twice a year is just not frequent enough to enjoy them.
Troy, on my right, I went out on a blind date with over 6 years ago. Oh what a world of run-ins!
The lovely Carrie and Catherine


Jodi said...

congratulations kami! i miss running in the highland park neighb. you look adorable btw.

Christie said...

WOW. good for you! i am so impressed! i like to run and haven't done one of those yet so good for you. you really look fabulous