Lazy Saturday

Saturday afternoon. It's the first day in weeks that I've had a sizable chunk of nowhere to be downtime. Plan was to get my life in order. Seize the day for all its bill-paying, errand-running potential and do some serious damage to my to do list. Instead, it's after 3 pm and I'm back in my bed, still in my nightgown, telling myself that I can't go shower until I go run and that I certainly can't go run just yet because it's raining outside. I slept in late but justified it by my recent jet set schedule and that I was up late dancing up a storm on the new (beta new) Kinect game Dance Central (nothing like this controller-free dance off to wear me out and make me feel great about my [lack of] coordination). The internet was down when I first woke up and by the time I had fixed it, I somehow made it through a Hallmark original movie, the latest episode of Grey's and several months worth of posts from this blog I Facebook post stumbled on- totally bizarre and so funny I was crying laughing, alone in my apartment, glad my roommate is gone for the weekend so I don't have to explain myself for the pathetic state I'm in at the moment. I did unpack from Utah Round Two (post on that once I get my act together), put away some laundry and managed at least a late breakfast.

oookkkaaaayyyy, rain won't stop me, it's time to get moving.....

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Tom and Heather said...

If that's not the perfect way to spend a sizeable chunk of nowhere to be downtime, I don't know what is. I say go Kami! I hope the rest of the day was as Kami-focused.