The website invites you: Do the moo! Right now (and in the elevators) they are also inviting all to a Halloween Bash with a David Bowie tribute band. I'm thinking, David Bowie is weird enough on his own, he doesn't need a tribute band hamming it up on Halloween. All the same, I'm considering attending. Really, the Semiahmoo Resort is a lot classier than that. Plush couches, expensive oyster bar, and a happy Kami, strutting around in kitten heels and a silky brown pencil skirt. Talk about a power combo.

Semiahmoo is located on a little spit juuuust south of Canada. So just south, in fact, that I'm pretty sure a Major League pitcher could throw a ball and knock out one of the mounties patrolling the Peach Arch border crossing. In this map, A is Semiahmoo. B is Canada.


You can also see in the map that the spit upon which sits Semiahmoo resort is about the width of a road. And some rocky, better-than-California-golden-sand, Washington coast. This photo [link] barely captures the surprisingly glassy water against the faded background of mountains. I wasn't here at sunset, but rather the sky and water were that matching silvery white that people outside the Pacific Northwest don't really seem to get. Add in crisp fall air and you've got the reasons why this is my new favorite place.
I was here today at a conference for work. Attendees were mostly men, anxious to get the speaker's over with and the golf game started. I made some great headway on some work projects. And found the site for my future destination wedding/family reunion/weekend getaway. Why go to Canada, when you can do the moo?


maya said...

From Semiahmoo Resort. Love your review and hope to see you in the future again.

Christie said...

sweet...surprisingly this makes me want to learn to apprecaite gray...maybe :)

twitter adder said...

Cool work . very impressed!