It's the absolute worst...

I had an awful day today. Busy, hectic, rife with conflict. It's not the worst day I'll ever have, no doubt, but I'm certainly glad the day is over. I hate days like this because they remind me that I'm not immune to negativity and that nagging feeling of 'I can't wait til this is over so I can move on with my life'. To commemorate this most obnoxious feeling, and because it's been a long, tired, cranky week, I have compiled a list of ten other feelings I have felt at some point and just hate.

Don't you hate:
  • Impatience in situations or regarding decisions where you entirely lack any semblance of control or power (Don't want to talk about today, thank you)
  • Making eye contact with the person you accidentally cut off or in someway offended via traffic (whooops!)
  • Finding something on clearance that you bought yesterday at full price (waste of money fail!)
  • Realizing that he just isn't crazy about you anymore... and that's not going to change (again? really?)
  • Watching in the rearview mirror after zooming by a parked cop (worse: those lights in the rearview mirror)
  • 3pm after 3 hours of sleep (zzzzzzzzzz)
  • Losing something you borrowed, especially if it's important to the lender (being forgetful bites you in the butt sometimes)
  • Missing someone when all you can do to tell them is say 'I miss you' out loud and hope they hear you (sigh)
  • Waking up for something important 3 minutes before you're supposed to be there (usually when that event is 20 plus minutes and fa harried freshening up away)
  • Negative feelings towards someone you love (eventually passing doesn't make it any better)
I sure do. And others like them. But I've made cupcakes now and I'm on the up and up. Happy feelings and straight on til morning!

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