A little busy...

Seriously bloggers, could I be more depressing. With all my spouting on and on about hibernating bad days, it should be safe to assume that all I'm doing with Christmas cheer is throwing it out the window and hating my life.

Not so.

I've been keeping busy, even in the darkness and I've got pictures to prove it. A few at least, most of which I've scammed off of Facebook (i.e. Russ). Just a few to tease your imagination (and prove I'm not a full time couch potato). A little bit of Whistler, a throw back to Halloween, Lisa in town, Turkey Bowl, my new boyfriend GSP, sight-seeing Seattle, out dancing, and looking like a rock star.

That said, I have been netflixing it up when occasion permits. Right now: The Way We Were (doesn't everyone know Barbara Streisand is cross-eyed and Robert Redford is the ultimate dreamboat? "couldn't we both win?")


Tom and Heather said...

Kami, you're fun! I'd never take you for a couch potato, and I'm glad you posted cute photos of your busy-ness. Your bf is quite the hot one, by the way! He should consider wearing a shirt, though. And maybe fighting less. You'll set him straight, I'm sure.

In the Silence said...

Don't know you, BUT the snowman is HUGE! Awesome blog! :)