For cars, she couldn't care less

Grrrrreat news. I just paid off my very first very own big girl car that I bought by my very self! It's a big step for all big girls, one that many take earlier than I had to. Lucky for me, I had the trusty green Chrysler New Yorker to take me through high school. The front passenger seat was stuck all the way forward and the thing was about thirty feet long, but it was spacious inside and all leather! Last I saw the dreamboat it was parked up at Snoqualmie Pass, piled high with snow coming out the windows, left for a blizzardy weekend by its new owner Thomas.

In the early years of college, I moved by foot, except for rare weekends I had my sister's mexi-truck. After the mish, I conveniently stepped into the white Ford Escort left behind by my parents, and it followed me home when I moved back up north. Less than a month after I bequeathed the sweet ride to my little brother, it died. (haha, sucker!)

Car shopping is about the ultimate worst experience ever. Talk about buyer's remorse! I'd never spent a chunk of change like that before and I hope I won't have to do it again for a while. I paid for most of my ride in cash (cuz I'm rich like dat) and worked it out with the bank to pay a portion after the purchase. Goal was to have it paid off by the end of the year.


And here it is!

Not actually my car, but a green '99 Honda Civic just like it. Beauty, ain't it?

Four months of driving it and here are my favorite things about my car:
  • Gas mileage
  • Easy parking
  • Fold down back seats into the trunk
  • Heats up quick when it's cold
  • Cools down quick when it's hot
  • Green is easy to spot
  • It's a normal, average car and it'll do me just great!
I can't imagine wanting anything else.

I made curry tonight and the whole house and all my clothes smell like it. Scarf, sweater, coat and everything underneath. Gross.


Tom and Heather said...

Kami, it's beautiful! Nicely done on the grown up step-ness. Paying off your car is a good way to end 2010 on a high note. I hope you and your cute little green car have lots of fun adventures.

Aaron and Megan said...

Yay! That must be a wonderful feeling! Although I totally miss the car you had in high school. So many fun gymnastics-days memories! (And why is it now residing at Snoqualmie Pass?)