Me gusta la tuba

From all I've heard, I was ready to hate Elizabeth Gilbert and love the scenery shot in the movie Eat Pray Love. Instead, the lasting impression from the movie (besides my gut telling me I should move to Bali) is Tuva Novotny and her audible sigh worthy, classy/sassy/adorable, just the pixie I've been looking for haircut. Too bad her name would sound just like tuba in spanish, or I'd be loving that too. Question is: how short is too short? And would it be best to be blonde to rock it right?
Kind of like Katie's or a little grown out like Paris

Something tells me springtime will bring scissors.

Sidenote: I can't stop listening to this song lately. The band (esp the lead singer [seriously, guy, is that a charm bracelet necklace and almost a mexi-stache??]) look pretty slimy and trying too hard, but I literally sway and smile against my will every time I hear it.


Jodi Pitchforth said...

i love you kami. i like paris'. i would go with that one...

Tom and Heather said...

I vote for Katie's cut, and I say rock some blond-ness. You'll get trims often enough that you can throw some foils on the regrowth while you're there. I'm excited to see it!