Traffic JAM

Some people have a problem dealing with this every morning:
It's dark, it's wet, it's sometimes slow (though sometimes not, for no obvious reason). I don't mind it too much most days, mostly because I am empowered by the following praise, given to me daily by a billboard near my office:
I - am - the BEST - singer - - - in the WHOLE - WIDE - CAR. Preetty impressive, I know, right? I have all sorts of proof of my in-transit accolades, difficult to document unfortunately, so you'll have to take 76's word for it.

My billboard was replaced a while back with an ad for Hennessy liquor (stylin') so I forget sometimes how good a front seat performer I am until a real jam comes on and my inner diva comes out. Then it all comes back. Enjoy the show, fellow drivers. I learned these moves in Katie Teddy's big ole' Expedition to the Bring It On Soundtrack back in the days of Kirkland waterfront rounds and gymnastics sugar highs. Moves like this just don't go away. Don't you wish I had my windows down?

Today's party was inspired by the one and only MJ. It worries me a little that Michael is now getting play on the 104.5, the oldie's station. How is it possible that this hunk of sexy moves in FULL SEQUINS gear (I need those boots)(and high waist leggings) (AND the bedazzled crew neck) can share air time Etta James and the Monkees. They didn't have laser lights in the high pelvic thrust during 'the Oldies' era, they just didn't. Though let's take a minute to picture that all up in Etta James and enjoy the moment...
Now, join me on my ride into work today:

Which brings up one of my new favorite guys, Seo Jorge, a Brazilian and his amazing, totally stoned-out version of Michael Jackson's Rock With You. Bring on the Samba for the rush hour home:

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